Pursuant to the mandate of section 36(b) of Republic Act No. 9710, otherwise

known as the Magna Carta of Women, The Southern Isabela General Hospital "Adheres to

the creation and/ or strengthening of the Gender and Development (GAD) Focal Point System

or similar to GAD mechanism in all department, including thein attached agencies, offices,

bureaus, states universities and colleges, government-owned and controlled corporation,

local government units, and other government instrumentalities to catalyze and accelerate

gender mainstreaming within the agency or local government unit".

     Whereas, Rule VI, Section 37 C of the Implementation Rules and Regulations of

RA No. 9710 provides for the composition and functions of the GAD Focal Point;

     Whereas, the Philippines Commission on Women (PCW) issued Memorandum

Circular No. 2011-01 dated October 21, 2011 which provided for guidelines for the

creation, strengthening and institutionalization of the Gender and Development (GAD)


Focal Point.